"​Wild Mustangs Roam" Earrings

 “Walking the Osage”. I recently went back to Osage County on a cold snowy day. The wind blew snow around those beautiful prairie bluffs and  through the dried Turkeyfoot Bluestem grass. That beautiful country inspires me so! I think of the Osage that were once free to wander this open prairie land. So, here is my interpretation. I stamped footsteps that wander the outline of the .925 silver pendant ,under the blue sky ( the turquoise stone), through the Bluestem  tallgrass, past the sacred white buffalo (White Buffalo Stone) to find a treasure- a fallen eagle feather.

 The pendant has a large bail that will allow it to hang from bead or large diameter chains. Included is a 3 mm 18 inch length  leather cord. The pendant measures 5 inches from bail to end of feather.   The pendant is artist marked and quality stamped.              $325

Bald eagles have returned to the Osage and can be seen soaring in the prairie skies . The eagle is held sacred to the Osage and feathers are used in their ceremonies. A fallen eagle feather is the inspiration for this piece.

I forged a feather in .925 silver then soldered it to the silver base plate that has been textured and showcases two turquoise stones ( mined in the United States). The pendant features a large bail and can be suspended on a variety of bead necklaces or chains.  Included is the turquoise and silver bead necklace that boasts a silver feather, handforged adjustable chain (that measures 23 inches at it's longest length) and hook closure. The necklace is lovely worn alone.  The back of the pendant is artist marked and quality stamped . The pendant measures 1.5 inches across at it's widest point and is 2.25 inches long.   $600

"Wild Mustangs Roam" Pendant

Coordinating Wild Horse Stone earrings set in .925 silver. They measure 3.5 inches in length including the silver fringe.         $125

Fallen Feather

Walking the Osage Pendant

Wild mustangs  roam the prairie ranches  in Osage County where ranchers work in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse Program to save the wild mustang horses of the west. The horses graze belly deep in the rich grassland. The beauty of this Wild Horse Stone, also known as Appaloosa Stone,  and the wild mustangs inspired this piece.

I forged this pendant in .925 silver that has been textured to mimic the hoof prints of the mustang around the body of the piece and over the rolling hills under the prairie sky, the turquoise stone, as wind blows  across the prairie. I pierced the back of the pendant to represent the tall Turkeyfoot Bluestem grass of the Osage prairie. I gave the piece a darkened patina to show off the texture.

The pendant measures 3 inches =including the silver fringe 5.5 inches. and is suspended on a leather cord adjustable length 19 inch with sterling silver lobster closure.           $315

​                        ​​​​​​​​WEARABLE


        handmade artisian jewelry

​                        ​​​​​bY Mary LOu Christie/Metalsmith

The Osage Collection:

I lived in Osage County, Oklahoma for many years. There is a rich, tragic history to this open skies, rolling hills, prairie land. There is a pure beauty in the land-rolling hills of Turkeyfoot Bluestem grass that grows so tall grazing cattle can barely be seen. Pump jacks sing their oil pumping songs in the distance and American bison graze amongst the springtime wild flowers that burst forth after sleeping through the winter.

It is a country that holds the rich, proud and tragic history of the Osage Native American people. This beautiful country has  inspired me to create a series entitled "The Osage Collection" where each piece has its own story.