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​​​Hello, and thank you for visiting Mary Lou Christie Jewelry.   I work in copper and sterling silver and specialize in fossils, gemstones and vitreous enamels. I  construct each piece of jewelry individually from silver and copper sheet, bezel, tubing and wire.   I am always on the lookout for something unusual  to use in my jewelry making.  Family vacations and my travels  almost always include a trip to little hole-in-the-wall rock shops. My husband has become accustomed to sudden stops and turn-arounds when I spot  one! The unique stones incorporated into my work are sometimes difficult to obtain.  Some are completely mined out while  others are from remote locations or found in small, limited deposits.  I also use more easily available, more affordable stones.

Most of my inventory travels with me to juried art festivals.  If you have seen something at an art festival that you are interested in please email me and I can send you my digital images of what's in stock.  The jewelry from the shows may have been sold.  The uniqueness of each stone makes it very difficult to duplicate a piece as well as my desire to create one-of-a-kind jewelry for my customers. However,  I can design and create something with similar qualities for you.

Thanks for looking.  

Mary Lou

 Mary Lou Christie, jewelry metalsmith artist, is now “retired”
from teaching after years of juggling her roles as wife, mother,
elementary teacher and artist. She has recently relocated her
home and studio from the tall grass prairie in Osage County,
Oklahoma, to the historic Cherokee Nation Capital in Tahlequah,
Oklahoma. Mary Lou is excited about this new phase in her life
where she can dedicate more time "creating".                                                                             

 Mary Lou began designing and handcrafting jewelry in 2005. Although her artistic leanings surfaced early in life, somewhere along the way she was diverted to a career in elementary education. However, the urge to design and create remained strong, and she continued to explore different creative avenues. She eventually enrolled in a silversmithing class and was hooked!

 After a while, it became clear that the jewelry had taken on a life of its own. Her style is unique and earthy. Mary Lou is inspired by the myriad of shapes and textures found in nature, especially those seen while traveling during the summer with her family. She incorporates the swirls of water and sand in the rivers and oceans, the geometry of the mountains, and the gentle curves and wisps of the prairie. All of her work is hand fabricated using sterling and fine silver, copper, brass and both semi-precious and precious gemstones. Not only does she enjoy the challenge of hand fabrication but feels immense satisfaction knowing that each piece is truly unique.


Mary Lou has received several awards in the Three Dimensional Art and Fine Jewelry categories. Her work is shown at Art Festivals in Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. Her work is also on display at Wolf clan gallery at Taylor's ferry on lake fort Gibson, Oklahoma, Home Sweet Home on the Range located in Guthrie, Oklahoma and the botanical gardens gift shop  in Bentonville, Arkansas.